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Carbon Neutrality PDF Print E-mail

While not really an event, I am just putting this here for testing 

AIA Leadership Pushes Congress for Carbon Neutrality:
AIA President RK Stewart, FAIA, and AIA President-elect Marshall E. Purnell, FAIA, testified last week before two committees of the U.S. House of Representatives to encourage the federal government to adopt the AIA’s 2030 goals for federal buildings. Stewart and Purnell urged Congress to set energy reduction targets for new federal buildings and buildings undergoing major renovations. If the AIA-recommended policies are adopted, they said, all federal agencies will be required to reduce significantly the amount of fossil fuel-generated energy used in the next generation of federal buildings, resulting in carbon-neutral federal buildings by the year 2030.
(Photo of Marshal Purnell, courtesy of of U.S. PIRG/Paul Carlson.)

fire code overview PDF Print E-mail
2007 Oregon State Fire Code Overview - EUGENE
10:00am - 5:00pm
EVENT TIME 10:00am to 5:00pm

This six hour comprehensive overview of the new 2007 Oregon Fire Code will focus on the correct application of some of the more complex fire code regulations, and will clarify some of the more commonly misunderstood code provisions.  The class will be taught by Samir Mokashi, Assoc. AIA.  For more information, visit the Continuing Education page on this website.
Rogue Valley CSI Meeting PDF Print E-mail
Rogue Valley CSI meets probably 1x a month somewhere
Visit an Architect Day PDF Print E-mail

Visit an Architect Day!

The local chapter of the AIA invites you to choose an architect at random and introduce yourself




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